Here at Sea to Sky Coffee Co., we believe in pure, authentic and approachable coffee that has been inspired by the unique locality of the Sea to Sky Region.

In cooperation with a premium roaster on the West Coast, we have been able to develop and fine-tune our signature coffees that connect with this region and its people. Our coffee is roasted to order in small batches ensuring freshness and quality for a coffee experience second to none.

While aiming for premium flavour and quality, we recognize the importance of simplicity in coffee, providing you with beans that will shine in flavour in a wide range of preparation methods. At Sea to Sky Coffee Co. we have the right coffee beans for you.

While recognizing the diversity of preferences and tastes for coffee our approach aims at bringing affordable yet refined coffees to all people of the Sea to Sky Region and beyond. Sometimes, less is more… simplicity, authenticity and intimacy with the region are our guiding principles.

Locals can enjoy a taste of the region they call home, and visitors are able to keep a lasting flavour of their experience in the Sea to Sky Region.